Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wayne Wallace CD release party at Yoshi's

Wayne Wallace and Rhythm and Rhyme had a CD release party at Yoshi's to celebrate his new release called "Reckless Search For Beauty". What a kick ass concert. Yoshi's is always a very cool place to gig and that night we had a packed house with many fans, friends, family and musicians. If you're not hip to Wayne's music then you haven't lived my friend. However, I wanted to bring up something that really spoke to me about that concert. (I'll write more about the concert at another date when I have alittle more time.) Louis Fasman is one of the Bay Area's premier trumpet players and is also one of my best friends. We will have been playing together for 30 years coming up in the summer of 07. Some of you may know that Louis has been ill for the past three weeks with Viral Meningitis. He thought he had migraines and when the docs checked him out they diagnosed him with VM. It's not the same as Spinal or Bacterial Meningitis(this one is what took down our tpt teacher, the late Dr. Herb Patnoe) but still, it can kick your butt and put you out of commission for a bit. Louis had a very able backup waiting in the wings, Chris Barnes in case he couldn't make it thru. Louis mentioned to me during the soundcheck that he might have to point to his part for me to play if he faded. In the back of my mind I thought "yeah never have backed down from any part". But, I said I would do what was needed if he got tired. Man....he paced himself well the first set and got stronger and stronger and pasted the last chart "Use Me" to the back wall. That chart is a chop burner and he kicked major ass my friends. What a (for the lack of a better word) "Warrior". Louis Fasman is my hero. Damn, he had to dig deep within to get the job done and succeeded. We all should follow his example. It was totally inspiring. Louis, I will never forget that night when you felt that bad and played so well. I'll be back soon my friends to talk about the rest of the concert soon.
Peace, Worl

Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm Backkkkkkkk!!!!

Ok ok.....I'm back on the board. MJF was the most exhilerating experience I've had with my band. Everyone played great and I got a chance to hang with my bud Steve Bernstein. If you don't know who he is well, he's just one of the best trumpet cats in NYC. The band played on the Garden Stage and just kicked butt! Lot's of fun gigs since then and guess what? I turned 51 years young on the 15th of NOV. Man, it was a great day. I did a rehearsal in the morning and afterwards taught a couple of kids. I made sure to tell them that it was a great day because of my birthday and that everyday you can play your trumpet is a great day!!! WorlView 4.0 is going to the state of Washington in April to play a few gigs. Thank you Kemi for all of your help the last week or so. You and I are keeping Matt hopping. I'm also trying to book a tour to Europe this summer so look out for us there in July. WorlView is going to be pretty busy in "07" so keep and eye and ear out for us. I also started a myspace music page so click on the name and surf surf surf.....Looking forward to seeing and hearing from y'all soon.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Man, MJF is only two days away!!!!

Monterey Jazz Festival is two days away!!!....and tomorrow we rehearse. Susan is cooking up some treats for the cats and we'll be playing at the Hope St Studios here in lovely Mountain View. Our house concert at Chateau Kalleen in Petaluma, CA was a great place to play. And a great way to warm up for MJF. John and Mariette were great hosts and many many thanks for letting us do our thing at your pad. By the way, my better half Susan catered the house concert and did a totally kick ass job. I didn't know that she could do that. She's had several offers since to recreate her endeavor but turned each one down. It's a tough gig catering. And a special thank you goes out to my friend Steve B for helping out in the vino dept. Let's see...we had around 40 people there total and we went thru 28 bottles of wine!!! Mission accomplished as far as I'm concerned. Good job all of you who made it. And no DUI's. Another round of applause please!!!! In regards to MJF...Check out for festival highlights. One of the tunes we're playing, "Silent Heart" was written by Ed Johnson and will feature Sebastien and I. Ed not only wrote the tune but took time to write the horn parts. Ed, you are the man. Thank you for all of your help my friend! Guitarist Sebastien Lanson flew all the way from Paris to join us. Thanks Dude!!! You always add so much and it's always great to have you here for the hang too. Special thanks to my friend Dr. Jeff Eaton for fitting me into his schedule at the last minute and more thanks to Dr. Carole Shimoda for tweaking me with her exquisite chiropratic skills. It takes to quote Hillary Clinton "It Takes A Village" for all of this to work. Leading a band is not a solitary effort. So many fine people contribute and in most cases, only the band leader gets or takes the credit. But I've been a sideman for so many years and I know that it's not the case. It does take a Village to make it happen and I am eternally grateful to everyone who lends his or her's talents to make it happen. It's a great feeling knowing that we all share in the experience. More to come very soon. Peace, John aka WorlBoy

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

WorlBoy here....

Hi Friends, It's been awhile since my last post. It's definitely a time of reflection. My friend Scott Sorkin lost his Dad two weeks ago and I just received the disturbing news that a friend and a former student took his life last week. Boy, they weren't kidding when they said that it comes in groups of three's. Gilbert Shih was a nice cat. Took life a bit too seriously at times and needed to leave the planet in a quick way. He was one of my "cherries" during his tenure with me. I remember when my teacher and mentor John Coppola gave me free lessons because I lost my job at Whitney Band Instruments. My parents didn't have the dough to pay for my lessons and I got a job studying brass repair with James Galway's repair person, Bob Gilchrist. I lost my job because of the other apprentices cutting a few corners and wasn't able to pay for my lessons. I mentioned it to Johnny and he said, "Don't worry about the money, just sweep my porch and we're ok". He also said that if I did everything he told me to, I'd be a professional musician by the age of 16. I remember after the lessons I'd ask John what could I do for him and he'd just say "practice!". That I did and I played my first gig at the ripe age of 15 years young. I never forgot Johnny's generosity and since then, I have at least one "cherry" every school year. Gilbert was one of them as well as a student of Johnny's. He worked hard and was tough on himself if he didn't feel up to snuff. I remember telling him to be easy on yourself. I'd always use the analogy..."How much do you have in your bank of self esteem?....Everytime you get down on yourself, it's like punching a $20 outta the ATM of self esteem and you have to ask much you got in there?" Gilbert helped me with my record project. He meant a lot to me. I lost touch with him for awhile till his friends called me to tell me the news. I hope he finds a better place the next time around. I will miss you my friend. I will dedicate my performance to you at Monterey this year. Gilbert Shih 1978-2006 RIP

Friday, August 25, 2006

Maynard Ferguson passed away the night before last at the age of 78.

Maynard Ferguson passed away at 8pm, August 23. He was 78 years old. He was a tremendous influence to me. I remember in my freshman year in high school,my buddy Johnny Serrano playing for me Maynard's solo on "Concerto To End All Concertos" on the album, "Kenton in Hi Fi" That solo wigged me out completely. The range, power, brashness of Maynard's playing changed the direction of my life completely. I knew at that moment, I wanted to be a professional trumpet player and have been on that journey ever since.My first jazz trumpet teacher, Johnny Coppola used to play on Kenton's band with Maynard and roomed with him. Johnny used to tell me funny stories about their hangs and playing together on the bandstand. I called him this morning when my former student and good friend Niel Levonius gave me the sad news. It shook Johnny up to hear it as you can imagine. Johnny is the last surviving member of the Charlie Barnet band that he played on and probably the same goes for the Kenton and the Herman band too. He always had great things to say about Maynard. He even had one of Maynard's large bore Martin Committee that Maynard gave him years ago. My first jazz record was "MF Horn". I bought it at Columbia Music on Market St in SF. Man, I wore that bad boy out! Maynard's band was the 2nd big band I ever saw (the first was Stan Kenton's band at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, CA with Mike Vax playing lead). I saw Maynard and the guys at De Anza College. I remember they were wearing their striped t-shirts and black pants. I believe Bob Summers was in the band as well as Lin Biviano (?) Maynard sounded awesome and it really sent me thru the roof. I went on to see Maynard many many more times after that and try to emulate his playing, tho quite unsuccessfully I might add.I even had an opportunity to play with him at the Fairmont Hotel in SF sometime between "85" and "90". I was the first call sub in the Dick Bright Orchestra and we played him and the band on, and at the end of the show, played his greatest hits medley. That was so cool, finally getting a chance to play with the man who forever changed the direction of my life. I also want to mention that one of my best buds, Louis Fasman played on the band for about a year. That was around "85" Louis played his ass off. They were playing "Hey Jude" and during the last free section, Louis played Maynard's intro to MF. He sounded great and in my mind, was one of the best but under rated and overlooked lead players to play with Maynard. Ask Wayne B about him sometime. Louis and I played a gig with the Larry Vucovitch Big Band at Copia's tonight and we toasted the Boss with a tasty bottle of T-Vines 2002 Syrah. I'll never forget Maynard. He played the trumpet as if he were the greatest opera singer that ever lived. He could bebop with the best and no one ever has played the horn with the same passion and flair that he did. He did it his way and either you loved or hated it although it was hard to imaging people not digging Maynard. Rest in peace Maynard. And thanks again for being the influence in my life that you were and still are.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Worlboy at the SJ Jazz Festival and the Agenda Restaurant and Lounge

Tomorrow is the San Jose Jazz Festival. It’s sponsored by Comcast and a slew of others dedicated to bringing us the best in Jazz in all genres.
Tomorrow is a heavy day for me. I’m playing with 5 bands at the festival and my WorlView 4.0 tomorrow night at the Agenda Lounge.
Here’s my schedule: - Saturday -
12:30pm – Fasmania Big Band – Gordon Biersch Brewery
4:00pm – Aaron Lington Quintet – Smith Dobson Stage
7:30pm – WorlView 4.0 – Agenda Restaurant and Lounge
- Sunday-
12 noon – San Jose Jazz Orchestra – Main Stage w/ Mike Vax
3:00pm – Ed Johnson and Novo Tempo – Latin Stage
6:00pm – Foothill College Night Band - Full Spectrum Big Band Stage
For those of you who are planning on coming to the Agenda tomorrow evening, here is our set list and personnel. I like to give you all the inside view into what’s happening behind the scenes. I’m looking forward to this busy but fun weekend. I’ll get back to you all tomorrow after I get home. I’ll be a tired pup but….that’s show biz right?!?

WorlView 4.0
Agenda set list 8/19/06
Set 1
1. Kwockasaurus Rex
2. Visita Social
3. Infra-Rae
4. You’ve Changed
5. Episode From A Village Dance
6. The Double Up
7. TBA
8. Open Sesame
Set 2
1. Moon Alley
2. WorlView
3. Why Wait
4. Out Of The Night Came You
5. Too Young To Go Steady
6. Sippin’ At Pike’s Market
7. Alter Ego
8. Rahsaan’s Run

WorlView 4.0 is - Murray Low, Tom Bockhold, Curt Moore and WorlBoy aka Worl.
Sippin'At Pike's Market is a new tune I wrote. It's based on the tune "There Will Never Be Another You". I wrote it to remember the wonderful company and ice wine we all shared my last day in Seattle. I dedicate it to Kathy, Kemi, Jim and Barbara. You all were so much fun. Thanks!!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

WorlView's MJF press release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAugust 7, 2006Media Contact: Matt Beasley650-400-4920mattbeas@aol.comhttp://www.johnworley.comJOHN WORLEY & WORLVIEW TO BRING GLOBAL CELEBRATION TO THE 49TH ANNUAL MONTEREY JAZZ FESTIVALAFTER 13 SIDEMAN APPEARANCES, BAY AREA MUSIC VETERAN PRESENTS MJF HEADLINING DEBUTEvent Highlights:John Worley & WorlView49th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival Presented by VerizonSaturday, September 16, Garden Stage, 9:45pmTicket Information: 925-275-9255, www.montereyjazzfestival.orgAugust 7, 2006; It was roughly five years ago when John Worley met saxophone titan Michael Brecker backstage at the Monterey Jazz Festival. The lanky jazz superstar approached Worley and asked, "Don't I know you?" After recovering from the shock, Worley responded, "No, you don't know me, but I sure know you."Such a story is commonplace for trumpet and flugelhorn virtuoso John Worley, who has enjoyed a lengthy career as one of the great hidden gems in the San Francisco Bay Area jazz community. But in a situation uncommon for mid-career musicians, Worley's star is quickly on the rise as he presents his MJF headlining debut at the 49th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival Presented by Verizon September 15-17.Worley, whose impressive trumpet skills combine sophisticated intervallic jumps with dazzling range, tone and lyricism, plans to dazzle the crowd for his headlining MJF debut. On Saturday, September 16, John Worley & WorlView - his eclectic, all-encompassing band - will perform a fiery set on the Garden Stage at 9:45pm for a spirited session of Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and jazz intertwined with other global musical styles. Festival patrons are bound to dance the night away on the grass lawn listening to John Worley & WorlView as the second day of music comes to a close.For this special performance, Worley has assembled an all-star cast including guitarist Sebastien Lanson, trombonist Wayne Wallace, saxophonist Kristen Strom, pianist Murray Low, bassist Tom Bockhold, drummer Paul van Wageningen, and percussionist Michaelle Goerlitz. All in all, John Worley & WorlView will round out the festival's jazz talent, providing a global perspective and party atmosphere to a trumpet-laden roster including smooth jazz star Chris Botti, jazz-funk master Roy Hargrove and avant-garde Sex Mob front-man Steven Bernstein.Although this is Worley's first headlining experience in Monterey, the trumpeter is no stranger to the Festival. This year's performance will mark roughly his fourteenth performance at the Monterey Jazz Festival since the late 1980's. Over the years, he has performed at MJF in a Tribute to Bobby Hutcherson and at different times with Don Byron, Wayne Wallace, Wally Schnalle, Rebeca Mauleon, Full Faith & Credit Big Band, Anthony Brown and the Asian American Orchestra, The Wayne Shorter Commission Orchestra, and several other bands. Worley was featured twice at the 2005 Monterey Jazz Festival: once in a scorching performance with the Carla Bley Big Band on the Arena/Lyons Stage, and a second time in a rollicking session with the Jon Jang Seven on the Garden Stage.With much critical praise following last year's festival, it's easy to understand John Worley's ascent in the jazz world. After his Monterey Jazz Festival performance this September, Worley will continue surging forward with several performances in the Bay Area. On October 1, John Worley & WorlView will present two new pieces commissioned by Intersection for the Arts at the DeYoung Museum's Chicano Exhibit. In addition, Worley will be featured as a special guest artist on November 4 with the West Valley College Jazz Band in Saratoga sponsored in part by Conn/Selmer, and in February 2006 with the Stanford Jazz Orchestra. Plans for the future also include a performance tour in Europe with Sebastien Lanson,For now, John Worley remains focused on his headlining debut at this year's Monterey Jazz Festival. After years of performing as a sideman, Worley's performance leading his own band will be a milestone in his career to date. And although Festival-goers will enjoy the sounds of John Worley and WorlView, it'll be hard to find anyone having as much fun at this year's Monterey Jazz Festival than John Worley.

WorlView 4.0 live at The Agenda Restaurant and Lounge

Hi Friends,
I wanted to let you know about a few things I've got coming up. First of all, WorlView 4.0 will be appearing at the Agenda Restaurant and Lounge, this Saturday 8/19 from 7:30 -9:45pm. If you're planning on coming down to the San Jose Jazz Festival that afternoon, stop by, have a taste and/or dinner and check us out. Joining me will be Curt Moore on drums, Murray Low on piano and Tom Bockhold on bass. Also, a lot of the cats appearing at the festival know that the Agenda Lounge is the place to go afterwards to have a tasty cocktail and nosh on some delicious food so I know we will have a special guest or three stopping by and sitting in! So fall by and let the festival continue onward with WorlView and you.
Some of you may know that WorlView is performing at the 49th annual Monterey Jazz Festival on Saturday, September 16th at 9:45pm on the Garden Stage. Joining us will be jazz guitar virtuoso Sebastien Lanson from Paris as well as Wayne Wallace, Kristen Strom, Murray Low, Paul VW, TomBockhold and Michaelle Goerlitz. So we will be known as WorlView 8.0 for that gig. We'll be playing selections from our CD "WorlView: as well as Sebastien's CD "In Transition" on Dancing Sumo Records. We'll also be premiering one of my favorite composer/singer/guitarist Ed Johnson's tune, "Silent Heart" that I'm arranging for WorlView.
I've attached a press release to this email regarding the festival. This is the same one going out to all the radio stations, magazines, festival promoters ect and now you'll have an insiders view into the inner workings of jazz promotion. Check it out!
I hope to see you all this coming Saturday, August 19 at 7:30pm at the Agenda Lounge in downtown San Jose. Please make your reservation early for a good seat, have a bite (no cover if you order dinner)! And don't forget to come up and say hello to the cats!
Thanks for your time!
John Worley AKA "Worlboy"
The Agenda Restaurant and LoungeJohn Worley and WorlView 4.0Saturday, August 19thno cover charge with dinner7:30pm to 9:45pm399 South First St.San Jose, Ca. - (408) 287-3991

Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's early Sunday morning....

Yo Folks, its 1 am and I just got home from a gig led by bari sax maniac Aaron Lington. Man can that guy play. And the rest of the band wasn't too shabby either. Claire Dee was singing, Deson Claiborne played drums, John Shiflitt played bass, Daveed Behroozi played piano and our good friend Ben helped out with the PA duties. It was a 70th birthday party for a cat named John and they had a Marilyn Monroe impersonator teasing the hell outta the guy....A very good time was had by all including us. There is something about getting on the bandstand with cats that are the real deal. It's like having your cake and eating it too. Earlier today I taught a couple of lessons, stopped by our friend Jennifer's house to wish her a happy 29th birthday and give her a bottle of Champagne. I also picked up my PA and hauled it to the gig so I didn't get a chance to drive that hot Mercedes, damn it. But when I get home tomorrow I plan to scope it out. I have to visit my good friend John Kalleen tomorrow. WorlView is playing a house concert at his pad in Novato on 9/2. We are going to plan the layout and talk about catering and wine....It's going to be quite an event so if you want to come, you better email me and reserve a ticket or two. We're inviting a limited amount of folks and the sets (2) will outdoors near his pool. He has 7 acres in Novato and his nearest neighbors are the cows across the street!!! And coming up in a day, its Kemi and Jim's California wedding party. It should be fun and good to see Kemi and her mom, Marion as well as all the other folks. One thing though...I'm a bit thirsty for ice wine...Can anyone (Kathy, Kemi or Barbara) out there let me know what was that delicious apple flavored ice wine we all shared at Pikes Market? I'd like to have a sip of it again. If you remember the name, email me at and let me know.'s late and I gotta get up early. One last thought...Dennis and I at the reception having camera flash wars was fun!!! That cat is crazy!!! He won for sure. Hey, if you read this, be sure to call me when you get down here so we can get together. Yoko, you should have your own sitcom. You are one of the funniest people I've ever met. Jim gave me a copy of the slide show John put together. It's nice to see everyone in it. I hope to see you all again someday. Goodnight all.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Jim and Kemi's ceremony

What a great ceremony. Rev Castro made the job so easy and things went as smooth as it could be. I felt very comfortable and what an honor for me to be included in the ceremony. Kathy looked radiant and I loved her “pebbles” hairdo. She said it was a first for her and she wore it well. Kemi was a dream come true and me….well…I did what I could. We all hid behind a huge metal sculpture at the beginning of the ceremony. Rev Castro hit the sculpture 3 or 5 times which sounded like peals of thunder and Kathy and I played a drum roll on the sculpture afterwards and then the procession started. Even while typing this, I’m in awe of the perfection of the moment. For some reason, I felt as if my world was changing too. I never saw Jim so happy. It made my heart feel good to see my good friend Jim take that step. I know the feeling. Funny thing though, life is not always picture perfect. As the years go by, people and things change but if you savor every moment, you can always go back in time and remember why you took the step to live your lives together as one. It’s 'cause of Love Baby, Love!!!
Afterwards, we drove around in a bus, stopped at the baseball stadium (Mariners) and took some pictures (thanks for the Mariner's cap!) and then we were off to Kasper’s. Holy Moly, that man can cook yes siree! He hosts some foody cruises and that’s where I believe Kemi and Kathy met Kasper and his wife. They sail on these cruise ships, go on shore excursions shopping for the next meal or three in the local market places. I think he even shows them how to prepare them. The next one is in either Fiji or Tahiti or as someone put it, Fajiti. Sounds pretty damn cool….sign me up!!!
I’m going to blog later about the reception because at the moment I’m a little burnt. I just finished teaching at the Stanford Jazz Workshop for the week and I’m pooped. Plus I’m going thru some male menopause life changes at the moment. Here’s how weirded out I am. I’m going to test drive tomorrow a “98” Mercedes SLK 230 w/58,000 miles. Man what a beautiful ride!!! Plus I’m a little hung up on some other things as well as thinking about my house concert on 9/2 at Chateau Kalleen in Novato, our 9/16 gig at the Monterey Jazz Festival gig coming up and my writing commission from the Intersection For The Arts for WorlView’s gig at the DeYoung Museum on 10/1. Lot’s of exciting things coming up and I know I’ll see some of you at one or more very soon.
Love to you all and stay in touch. If you like the blog, leave a comment or two or email me at:

Monday, July 31, 2006

Birth of the Cool, Kemi and Jim's wedding and the Port Townsend hang.

Well, it’s almost August and I’m back on the blog folks. Lot’s of exciting stuff happened since my last blog. We performed Birth of the Cool at the Stanford Jazz Festival and it was a night of magic. The cats performed impeccably and the audience loved it. I hope we get a chance to perform it again because not only was it a gas to play but that music needs to be played! It was one of the more difficult roles I’ve had to play as a trumpeter. It gave me a whole new insight into Miles playing just getting thru all of those tunes in one concert.
I just got back from spending 5 days in the Pacific Northwest. Last Wednesday and Thursday I visited my friend Farren up in Port Townsend. It’s truly one of the prettiest places to be and I’m envious that those folks get to live there 24/7. We hung out with some of the hard core blues camp cats on Thursday night. They have a tribe that comes up there every year just for blues week at Centrum. It was cool sitting around those cats and listening to them share bits of blues history. One cat had a jug (!!!) strapped to his neck so he could sing, play guitar and blow some bass notes while strumming. Very trippy folks!!! They all are very into their blues scene and have a sort of communal tribal hang thing going.
For next three days, I hung out with the soon-to-be newly weds, Jim and Kemi Norton (oops, Kemi, did you take his name….) Friday night we had dinner at the Wild Ginger, a fantastic restaurant located above the Triple Door where I played a couple times with Ed Johnson.
Kemi’s mom, Marion, Jim’s mom Joan and dad, Jim Sr, Barbara, Yoko, Kathy (maid of honor) and I enjoyed each others company and got to know each other better. Barbara and Kathy came from Cleveland, Ohio, Jim Sr from NY, Joan and Marion from the SF bay area. Saturday was the big day. Kemi, Jim, Kathy and I made our way to a kick butt dim sum house and had a scrumptious feast before the rehearsal w/ Rev. Castro. By the way, he’s a pretty cool guy and made Kathy and I feel at home w/ our part in the ceremony. Thanks Rev!
After the rehearsal, we made our way to Dennis’s pad and got shaved, sheared, dressed and the girls did their makeup thang. And then it was off to pre-ceremony pictures. I have a feeling that there will be some wacky pics in the mist of all the gorgeous shots. (Especially with the bouquets)
Afterwards, Jim and I made our way to the site, Volunteer Park to way for the girls and the guests to arrive. Next….the ceremony!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Birth of the Cool dress rehearsal

Well, we had our dress rehearsal tonight and man, what a magnificent piece of work it is. It kinda reminds me of the days when I used to play with the Bay Area Jazz Composer's Orchestra led by the late (damn, I'm still not used to saying that) Jon English. The music is so rich and timeless. I really feel blessed to be a part of this. Playing this music really hips me to what kind of chops Miles had to be able to play this music. My respect for him jumped from 10*'s to 11*'s. (thank you Spinal Tap) Kris Strom is playing alto sax and once again, we play like musical twins reading each others minds and listening in the way that most folks dream about. She is the real deal and don't you forget it!!!! And by the way, for those who missed her interview with Chris Cortez yesterday on KCSM, it was fascinating and a informative view into the worl(d) of Ms Strom. That girl is my musical horn playing soul mate. Yee haaa!!!!! I'm looking forward to tomorrow nights performance. Trumpet students take note....90% air, 10% everything else. Pacing is the key to me making it thru what is proving to be quite a challenge. Stay tuned....I'll blog back at ya after the concert. And by the way, if you fall by don't forget to come up and say hi! This WorlBoy is a tired pup and heading to bed. Later!!!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's hot here in Mountain View (and boilin' in Temecula)

Hi Friends,It's been a busy month in the land of Worl. Did sessions with Wayne Wallace, Chris Camozzi, Victor Fields, taught at the Jazz Goes to College jazz camp at SJSU, played with Swing Fever in Scotts Valley, Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra at the Fillmore St. Jazz Festival and played with the Jennifer Scott group, Ed Johnson and Novo Tempo as well as presented a master class for Conn/Selmer at the Temecula International Jazz Festival. If you click onto the link, you can read an article written by Diane Rhodes from the local paper, Press-Enterprise. (Thanks Diane for including me in your article!!!) All of this stuff plus trying to squeeze in my poor neglected private students (sorry kids!!!) for their lesson times since my last blog.
Last night we had a horn rehearsal for our (Re) Birth of the Cool re-creation for the Stanford Jazz Festival this Friday. That music is so beautiful. What an experience it must have been for Miles and the cats playing it back in “48” for the first time. When you listen to the recording, you hear how those charts influenced a whole generation of musicians. Not only was it the birth of “chamber jazz” but the basis for the West Coast Jazz sound that Gerry Mulligan (one of the prime suspects on the BOC sessions), Chet Baker, Shorty Rogers and many others presented in the 50’s.
If you had eyes to go….it’s sold out!! Look for it later this year though. We’re going to try to do another concert somewhere in the Bay Area in the winter or early spring.
Well, I have whole bunch of fun gigs coming up. Next Monday, July 17th I’ll be playing with the big band called Fasmania at Gordon Biersch Brewery in San Jose. Fasmania is co-led by Louis and Kelly Fasman. Louis is one of the top call lead trumpet cats in the bay area and has played with everyone from Maynard to many of the shows that come into town. Currently he is playing “Vanities” for TheaterWorks here in Mountain View. Kelly is one of the most sought after percussionists/drummers in the area. She plays a lot of shows and played with WorlView at our gig in Albany a few months ago. She was rippin’ on those congas!!! The band is made up of the best cats in the area so fall by and hang for a bit. If you’re familiar with GB, you know that the food is stellar and the beer is…..the best!
So fall by, have a brew with me and till the next blog, stay happy and well my friends.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Folks,
I'm back on the block so to speak! Lots of fun gigs have gone down and at the moment, I'm spending the week in Bay Studio with Wayne Wallace and the Rhythm and Rhyme cats. You got Louis Fasman on tpt, Melecio Magdaluyo and Ron Stallings on woodwinds, John Santos and Michael Spiro on percussion, Paul VW on drums, Dave Belove on bass, Murray Low and Frank Martin on keys, David Yamasaki all the way from Honolulu my brother on guitar, Alexa on vocals and last but not least, Gary Mankin on the flight deck, manning the controls. By the way, Gary is one bad mo'fo on the board for those of you who haven't worked with him.
We're laying down two CD's worth of material and man, Wayne has out done himself again! That's why he's called the "Doctor" by so many who love him!
San Jose Jazz Society's "Jazz Goes To College" camp started up. Mic Gillette from TOP works with the kiddies this week and I get to have at them next week. Mic is one bad ass tpt player and honks a mean bone too. Kristen Strom and Dave Gregoric are on board doing what they do best.....Taking care of business and sharing their collective wisdom with the young folks. You go Dave and Kris.
Hey, I got company and have to run so take care, check out my blog again soon and I'll talk to ya soon.
PS. Kat Parra's new CD came out and it's getting 10*'s from me. And not because I'm on a couple of tracks. She's put together one fine piece of art with the producing skills of none other than......the Doctor himself. Check it out. You will love, I guarantee it! Google the young lady and pick up her CD. I'll have more info re: how to pick it up in my next blog.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

We're back!

Susan and I are back from our little retreat/vacation. We spent some time down in Soquel at a place called "Land of Medicine Budda". It's buddist retreat in the middle of the redwoods and was it very peaceful and serene. It gave Susan and I time to reflect on our relationship, careers, health and other things. It's amazing how a little time at a place like that can refresh you and put things back into perspective. We also spent some time with our friends John and Mariette in Novato. We had a fabulous dinner along with champagne and wine. John and I played our horns while the girls chatted about art. A good time was had by all. The next day we stopped by Mariette's studio in Petaluma to look at her newest creations. Man, is her work beautiful. As soon as I find her website, I'll put it up here for you all to look at. We then drove to Freestone and visited three of our favorite places up there, Osmosis, the organic bakery and Endearing Comforts(which was closed, we'll catch up with you another time Thea). Susan had a massage from Tor and I had a enzyme bath and blanket wrap. Man were we pampered! Afterwards we hung out in the Japanese Garden in the back and Susan layed down in the Chamomille bed. They have three beds of live Chamomille that you can lay on and the aroma is relaxing and comforting. After we left, we stopped by our favorite restuarant in Sebastopol called Pasta Bella and had dinner. It was a very good week my friends. oh my...gotta go. WorlView is playing a gig at the "A Taste of Albany" festival today and I gotta get back to work. We'll be at Montero's from 2:45-4:45pm. Joining us for the first time will be Wally Schnalle on drums and Kelly Fasman on percussion. Should be a blast! And don't forget to take some time for yourself every day and just breath. You're worth it. Hope to see you all soon. Bye for now.

Monday, May 29, 2006

WorlBoy and the last couple of weeks

Hey all...Lots of stuff been happening. Did a concert with San Jose State University big band . Good band and man, the drummer had a hell of a pocket. The next day I did a lecture at the Kuumbwa in Santa Cruz on the history of the Jazz Trumpet. It was a mixture of playing tunes, talking about my experiences playing and backing up cats like Dizzy, Sweets and talking about various chop and equiptment techniques. Sue Crossman played piano and boy can she play some of the sweetest sounds around. Mucho thanks my dear for making me sound good with your happening work. I asked a singer to come up and sing with us and did she kick some serious ass! Her name is Nancy Pasterknack and I guess her main gig is that she's a free lance newspaper reporter. But can she sing!! Look out for her, she's the real deal.
On the weekend I played with Pete Escovedo at the Artichoke Festival in Castroville. Mike Galisetus was the other trumpet player. Mike is a old friend of mine and is a real MF of a tpt player. Great lead playing, soloing and a hell of a educator too.
Played a session for Hugo Wazinger for a project he's doing with Shanna Carlson. Hugo is one of the most musical souls on the planet. Going in tomorrow morning to finish up a solo at the end of the ballad he wrote.
Played the Carnival festival on 22th and Harrison this afternoon with Pete E. Great band! Louis Fasman, Melecio Magdaluyo, Dave Gregoric and John Calloway were the horn players. Louis always plays his ass off and today was no exception. His solo on La Cuna was happening. Dave held down the bone duties pretty damn well. Tasty solos from him, Melecio and Calloway. Hey, tomorrow is Wayne Wallace and Fred Berry's birthdays!!! Two of the greatest cats in the world. Hope your day is filled with some happening wine and company. Much love to you both.
Gotta go....Sayonara everyone. Have a restful memorial day!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Worlboy at the Kuumbwa May 17th

Here's an email I sent out to my trumpet students and buddies......Hope to see you there!!!! Hi Everyone,
I hope this email finds everyone in good health, spirits and tootin' thru the roof!
I wanted to let you know that I'll be doing a overview of the history of the Jazz Trumpet tomorrow night May 17th from 7-9pm at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz. I'll be talking about some of my favorite players, telling stories of those I've had the fortune to play with and playing my horn a bit. Pianist Sue Crossman will be joining me and it should be a fun evening. The event is free to everyone and if you feel like it, bring your trumpet and jam a bit with Sue and I. Or just listen and enjoy the evening. For more information, click on the Kuumbwa Jazz Center link and I hope to see you all there.
Best Wishes,
John L. Worley Jr

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

WorlView live at Santana Row 5/9/2006

What a cool gig we had tonight. Geoff Roach of the San Jose Jazz Society Santana Row and Lexus had us perform as part of their Summer Jazz series. Lots of SJ Jazz society staff and members were there helping out and many, many friends showed up to support us and what a great party it was. Helping to make it happen was Barbara Christmann, Director of Education & Outreach for the jazz society and sound man/bass player Myron Dove. Both of them made the sound happening and it was so comfortable to play. That's important if you're playing with 7 cats and you're blowing the flugelhorn. Wayne brought out his Wagnerian Tuba for the gig and played a couple of tunes. I'm inspired! I'm bringing the Post horn to the next gig and I might even write a tune for us to go off on! Special thanks to Kristine M. Haskett, Director of Development, Madelyn Crawford, Membership Coordinator and Rubelyn Lardizabal, Event Planning. They helped out with CD sales and were there to answer any questions folks had about the SJJazz Society. My wife Susan came by and funny how when she shows up, I play better. It's because she's my better half! Quite a few of her friends came by, Sue Vincent, Maureen Fox, Cheryl Hopkins, David Brimmer and others. It is so nice to see all the familiar faces. Thank you everyone for supporting us. It means the world to all of the cats in the band. Oh yeah, my podcast is up and running. Go to and scroll down to part 1 and start there. You can hear my interview with Steve Marra and Bill Hedges from ApplauseCast. Great cats and we all had a ball making it. After you check it out, email me and let me know how you liked it. Gotta run...See ya all soon.
John (rabid blogger, as quoted in the SJ Mercury News)

Friday, May 05, 2006

WorlView at Santana Row

Hey Cats, May has been a interesting month! So far I've played a concert at Yoshi's with Jon Jang, sat in with Celia Malheiros there too. I was at Open Path Studios today recording with Ed Johnson and lo and behold...WorlView is playing live next Tuesday May 9th at Santana Row! Here's a description from the San Jose Jazz Society's emailing: April 25th started a 23 week series of free jazz concerts sponsored by Santana Row. The concerts will be from 6pm to 9pm every Tuesday from May 2 to September 26.This Tuesday, the John Worley and Worlview ensemble combine a master trumpeter and beautiful ballads with an interesting Blue Note style and a touch of Latin Jazz. John L. Worley Jr. is a musician, composer, and owner of Dancing Sumo Records. John is also a jazz educator and has been a member in many of the Bay Area's creative music ensembles. He is a coach and instructor at the Jazz Goes To College summer workshops, Smith Dobson Youth Jazz Festival, -Get Jazzed in-school workshops run by the San Jose Jazz Society and a member of their Musicians Advisory Board. John will be appearing at this year's Monterey Jazz Festival. San Jose Jazz PodcastsJohn Worley begins the first of a series of podcasts produced by Applause Cast and the San Jose Jazz Society.This weekend, the first podcast featuring John will be published at Scroll down to part 1 and then go to part 2.Come on down and check out why WorlView is one of my favorite bands to play with and is filled with some of my favorite people on the planet. Also, to see what else I'll be doing this month, go to my web site and click on the calender page. Hope to see you this coming Tuesday!!!! Peace, John

Monday, April 24, 2006

WorlView 5.0 concert last Sat and SJ Jazz Society fund raiser

We had a great concert last Saturday night. Truewind Music presenters Bev and Greg opened their house to WorlView 5.0 and 45 music lovers and it was a very special evening of friends, family and jazz. House concerts are a great way for the audience to be involved with the music. It's intimate and the communication that flows between everyone becomes effortless. The musicians feel more creative, and it’s easier to connect with the audience because of the rapport with the crowd. Greg used his sound engineering skills to tweak the sound so it was never overwhelming for anyone and perfectly balanced on stage. The cats Murray Low, Tom Bockhold, Curt Moore and Sebastien Lanson were superb and a joy to play with. It’s been a dream of mine to have a band with such fine musicians. And now every time I step on stage with these cats, I feel like I’m in heaven. What a great evening of fine music. Thanks to everyone who made it. It was wonderful playing for you all. There were some local South Bay performers in the audience. Jennifer Lee and Kat Parra were there checking out the scene. Kat Parra has a new CD that I had the pleasure of playing on and as soon as it comes out, you know I’ll blog the heck outta it. Jennifer Lee has a great CD out called “Jay Walking” and to quote myself last Saturday night, “its scrumptious”….ow! Other friends Kerry McCoy and AltaGracia, Shawn and Terri, Dan and Mia, Tom and Maria, folks from BoAs and many more were there to hang. Thanks to my wife Susan who sold CD’s for Sebastien and I. And a special thanks to Bev for the great dinner. And by the way, Bev and Greg are hosting another house concert very soon. If you watched the last episode of Desperate Housewives, the man who played Bree's father is Ronnie Cox. He's a very well known actor and has appeared in many movies. It turns out he is a folk music performer and he'll be playing there on Thursday, April 27th. Bev and Greg told me that he is a great singer/story teller and that it real treat to see him live. Check him out and if you’ve never been to a house concert, this should convince you to go to more than one.
On another note, the San Jose Jazz Society is having their fund raiser tomorrow night at Santana Row. Please find a way to make this event also. The SJ Jazz Society does so much to bring jazz to our community. They have been a pillar of strength to us all and what better way to say thanks by attending their fund raiser. West Coast jazz saxophone icon Bud Shank will be performing as well as others so check it out!!!! And help keep Jazz in the South Bay alive by supporting the San Jose Jazz Society.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

WorlView 5.0 this Saturday 4/22 and other great news

Hi Friends,
I wanted to share some great news and remind you that WorlView 5.0 is playing at a house concert in Campbell, produced by TrueWind Music promoters Bev and Greg this coming Saturday. There is limited seating so if you're planning on coming, I would suggest that you call or go online and order your tickets soon.
The doors open at 7:30pm and the concert starts at 8:00pm. It promises to be an evening of great jazz in an intimate setting.
Joining me will be:
Murray Low - piano
Tom Bockhold - bass
Curt Moore - drums
and special guest from Paris, France
Sebastien Lanson - guitar
Now for the other good news. WorlView has been asked to play at the 49th Monterey Jazz Festival this year! As you know, MJF is perhaps one of the most prestigious jazz festivals on the West Coast if not in the world. I can't tell you how excited I am. I have played there 12 times for the last 14 years and this is the first time I'm leading my own band. It's like a dream come true. We'll be performing Saturday night September 16th at 9:45pm on the Garden Stage.
I hope to see you out there sharing the moment with us. And I hope that you come out this Saturday and support us and TrueWind Music in keeping Jazz alive and heard(!) in the South Bay . With many of the local venues closing, Jazz is getting harder and harder to find in our community. We would love to see you there.
Be well and don't forget to come up and say hello!
John L. Worley Jr
John Worley and WorlView 5.0
Saturday April 22, 2006. TrueWind Music House Concert in Campbell.
Doors open 7:30 p.m. Music starts 8:00 p.m. $18 TrueWind Music
For more info or to reserve seats please contact Bev Barnett :e-mail Bev
or call her at (408) 378-6823

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WorlView 5.0 gig Saturday, April 22nd

Hello Friends,
I want to share some good news with you. As you know, BoAs/Club Elite closed in February. Yet another local venue - Espresso Gardens - has been sold and is reputedly being made into another (!) sushi restaurant. Just when it seems that jazz is on the ropes in the South Bay, TrueWind Music promoters Bev and Greg come thru and start producing non-profit house concerts in Campbell.
On Saturday, April 22nd, TrueWind Music will present an evening of world class latin and straight ahead jazz with WorlView 5.0.
The venue is intimate and will give you a chance hear the cats in a very listener/friendly environment. We also have a very special guest who will play with us on this gig. My good friend, guitarist Sebastien Lanson has come from Paris to join us. Sebastien has been spending his time between Sevilla, Spain and Paris playing with various Jazz and Flamenco ensembles and promoting his CD, "In Transition" on Dancing Sumo Records. We also have the pleasure of Murray Low on piano, Tom Bockhold on bass, Curt Moore on drums and myself on trumpet and flugelhorn.
I am really looking forward to this gig! I've played house concerts with my good friend Ed Johnson and they are a real unique experience for everyone. The audience and the band become one within the music. This is a rare chance to participate in an evening of fine music with friends, family and music lovers. Seating is limited. I recomend that you either email or call Bev soon so you can be sure to join us for this very rare and engaging evening.
I hope to see you there!
Best Wishes,
John L. Worley Jr
John Worley and WorlView 5.0Saturday April 22, 2006TrueWind Music House Concert in Campbell. Doors open 7:30 p.m. Music starts 8:00 p.m. $18 TrueWind Music For more info or to reserve seats, please contact Bev Barnett:e-mail Bev or call her at (408) 378-6823

Sunday, March 26, 2006

WorlBoy's last couple of days and future news

It's been a busy couple of days. Last night I played a little big band gig at the Golden Gloves boxing tournament with Dick Bright and the DBO. Here was the line up. Louis Fasman lead tpt, Charlie McCarthy alto sax, Tod Dickow tenor sax, Aaron Lington bari sax, Rene Jenkins trombone, Mike Hatfield piano, Dave Rokeach drums and Rich Girard bass. I saw Sugar Ray Leonard (but no Donald Trump), plenty of women in short shirts and skirts passing out beer bottle openers and selling t-shirts. Tecate girls, round card girls ect....Sex sells and they weren't too shy about it. It was the first time I've ever been to a live boxing match. I saw a knock out as well as some Women's boxing. I'm sorry to say that boxing does nothing for me. I guess I'd rather watch two or four folks wack a tennis ball back and forth rather than a couple of people hammer on each other. It seems so primitive. But, that's my opinion folks....The gig was cool but the sport bites.
Today I go back to Open Path to rehearse with Kat Parra's new project, produced by the maestro himself, Wayne "The Doctor" Wallace. We'll record her work on Thursday and Friday.
Speaking of the Doctor, Wayne is getting ready to record his 3rd Rhythm and Rhyme CD in a few months. David Yamasaki is flying in from Hawaii for that. It'll be great to see him and Joanie again.
Well that's all for now. Have a great day folks....

Saturday, March 25, 2006

ReBirth of the Cool

Wayne and I will be co-leading a fantastic tribute to Miles Davis and his 80th birthday with a recreation of his historically important, "Birth Of The Cool". This celebration will be happening on July 14th at the Campbell Recital Hall, located on the campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. This will be a part of the Stanford Jazz Festival's concert series. Both Wayne and I are excited about the music, players and the historical significance of the gig. The Birth Of The Cool sessions were considered to be the birth of chamber jazz as well as the catalyst that launched the West Coast Jazz Movement that included Dave Pell, Shorty Rogers, Conte Candoli, Bud Shank and other West Coast legends
Here is a line up of the personnel.
Wayne Wallace- trombone, arranger and Co-leader
John L. Worley Jr - trumpet, flugelhorn, co-leader
Kristen Strom - Alto Sax
Fil Lorenz - bari sax
Diane Ryan - french horn
Steve Tyler - tuba
Murray Low - piano
John Hettel - bass
Jason Lewis - drums
Jamie Davis - vocals
Don't miss this one's gonna have a few surprises and most likely be sold out way ahead of time so......I'll have contact info for tickets soon.

Ed Johnson recording session and other news

Hey Cats,
I had the privilege of being in the studio today with Ed Johnson, his producer Scott Sorkin, saxophonist virtuoso Kristen Strom and one of the bay area's finest engineer's Gary Mankin.
Some of you may know of Ed Johnson. He teaches guitar at Griffith Strings in Palo Alto, Ca and writes hauntingly beautiful melodies that rival Ivan Lins, Toninho Horta, Hermeto ect.... The list goes on. Ed is one the bay area's best kept secret although when this new CD is released, the cat will be outta the bag. His band, Novo Tempo, is probably one of the most exciting and heartfelt bands I've ever played in. We've been together for 4 or 5 years now and this band is happening.
Keep an eye out for us at Santana Row(in San Jose, CA) and the Temecula Jazz Festival....
Tomorrow I go up to SF to play at the Golden Gloves Boxing exhibition with Dick Bright and his band DBO. I hear that Donald Trump and Sugar Ray Leonard will be there.
Sunday I'll be rehearsing with Kat Parra's group for her recording sessions that will happen next week. She is a dynamic singer and will knock a few people's lights out when her CD is released. Wayne "The Dr" Wallace is producing her CD and you know it's gonna be bad ass if Wayne is in the house. Look out for her soon, folks...
Well, it's late, my hall pass is up and it's time to say goodnight Gracie...
Good Night Gracie.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Foothill College Night Band concert

Foothill College in Los Altos, CA has two evening bands that rehearse on Tuesdays. John Gove is the director and plays trombone in the 8 o'clock band as well. The 6 o'clock band has some fine semi-pro players and swings pretty damn hard. The rhythm section has a good pocket and John's choice of material suits them perfectly. Kerry McCoy, a long time friend of mine since "74" plays bass trombone in it as well as Lori Stotko on trombone (and also was featured quite a bit on piano in the 8 o'clock band).
The 8 o'clock band is filled with local heavy weights Alex Murzyn on tenor sax, Johnny Baumont on bari sax, Paul Tarantino on alto sax, Modesto Bresenio on solo trumpet, Tom "Mr Sunshine" Bertetta on lead trumpet, Curtis Nash on jazz trumpet, Kelly Fasman on drums, John Hettel on bass ect...A couple guys sat in and sight read the concert in the sax section, Gene Burkert on tenor sax and Ron Graham on alto sax.
John picks charts mostly from the bands of Maria Schneider, Dave Holland as well as some stuff from the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis book and others. A couple of stand out solos came from Lori Stotko (almost on every chart!), Modesto on "Tones For Jones Bones" and others....The band played great and showed a maturity than comes from having so many experienced pro's in it.
There should be more venues available so bands of this caliber can be seen and hear more often. When is someone going to step up to the plate and open a place big enough that could serve our communities need for more culture. We need a space like the Improv in San Jose so we can present a higher quality of entertainment that reflects the talent that resides here. Any takers out there? If anyone has a thought or idea let me know. Email me or post to this blog and talk to me. For that matter, everyone should feel free to leave a comment or two (not any of those lame advertisements that pop up that don't have anything to do with the subject). I really hope to hear from some of you who read this blog.
Be well and thanks for helping to keep jazz alive here in the South Bay.

WorlBoy updates

Here are a few notes about last weekends gigs.
The Rudy Salvini gig was fun. That was last Sunday in Alameda. The band swung pretty hard and I hope Rudy gets a few good takes for the next CD. He likes to record the band live on several dates and picks the best of the bunch. For those of you who are purusers of antique stores, head over to Alameda. I saw tons of them and I'm sure it would keep a guy like me busy for hours. I got bit by that bug from hanging around my Uncle Hobart, who collects everything from American Indian artifacts to furniture from the early years of our country when George Washington was the first president. My specialty is non other than trumpets, cornets and sheet music (go figure). I can't wait for a free day so I can look around a bit in those shops.
I played at the Tribute Show, dedicated to the Rat Pack last Saturday. They are going to close April 16th so if you haven't seen it, you better go soon. I like the music but the racial jokes suck. For God's sake, it's 2006! The world is a different place...isn't it? The band is good, theater is nice and the cast is ok. TheaterWorks on the peninsula presents a higher quality of work but in some ways, you can beat how swinging that music was back in the day.
next blog...Foothill College night band concert last Tuesday.....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

more from Da Worlboy

Happy Birthday to Joy, my baby sister. She turns 29 (again) and I hope she is having a great day. You go Sis!!!
I had a fun rehearsal with the Rudy Salvini Big Band yesterday. Got to play some solos and lead. I used to be in the band years ago when Allen Smith, Fred Berry, Bob Yance and Johnny Coles (to name a few SF heavy weights) played in it. Allen used to mentor me quite a bit and I am a better player/human being from it. Allen played with everyone and I mean everyone. He retired from the band a month ago. I guess it was time. He'd been in the band since the 50's.
The trumpet section yesterday was made up of Tom Bertetta, Niel Levonius, Steve Campos and myself. It was good to see some of the other cats still hanging in there. I'm looking forward to the gig Sunday.
Tomorrow, March 17th is the 45 year anniversary of Booker Little, recording his Out Front album. Robbie Kwock and I declare March 17th as Booker Little Day!!!!! If you've never heard of Booker Little, look him up!!!! He was a freakin' genius on his way to changing jazz trumpet playing in a major way when his life was cut short at 23 years young of Uremia. He played on many Eric Dolphy recordings and also with Max Roach. Check him out....

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

WorlBoy goes to SF

Well, Dan Brown is the real deal. He turned 16 today and plays great alto, writes and arranges like someone way older and dresses like the cats used to back a few years ago when swing was king again. Aside from a few personnel glitches the gig was a blast. Joining me on tpt was Eric Wayne, Mike Olmos and Henry Huang. Henry took a solo today that would have given Tim Hagans a run for his moola. Every time I hear that guy he grows in leaps and bounds. Mike Olmos....well what can I say. He's the best young tpt player to come up in the area since Tom Harrell lit up the various venues from SF to San Jose.
My friend Larry Leight stopped by to say hello. We used to play in Vice Grips band called Zooma Zooma. I misss that band very much. I guess when Vice feels it, we'll get back together. It was the only band that I ever played in that had a one drink per set minimum!
Later that evening I went up to Foothill College to do a dress rehearsal with their night band which is run by John Gove. John is a killer trombonist and writer. We have a concert next Tuesday and we'll be playing some tunes by Maria Schneider, Basie, and Miles/Bill Evans. Lori Stotko will be featured quite a bit as well as Modesto Briesenio, John Hetttel and others.
Tomorrow I go up to SF again to rehearse with my dear old friend Rudy Salvini and the cats. More to come.....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

WorlBoy heads up to SF

Tomorrow I'm going up to SF to play with a couple of my favorite trumpet players, Mike Olmos and Henry Huang in a band led by 16 yr old Dan Brown. I'm subbing for Dave Scott and he tells me that this kid is a young lion. Can't wait to check it out for myself.
Heard a couple of great concerts in the last two weeks. The first was Jon Faddis with the Stanford Jazz Orchestra led by Fred Berry. Jon sounded as great as ever. Bebop up to G's above double C with a few triple C's nailing all those in the way. How does the man do it? Inquiring trumpet minds want to know. Niel Levonius, a former student and frequently seen in the big band on stage at the Tribute Show at the Marines Memorial theater has been playing lead with the band for a few years now, held the lead book down quite well. Swinging his you know what off. Gillespiana is no easy work to pull off and if it wasn't for Niel (and Jon playing at times two octaves above him) anything could have happened. That piece is tough and the SJO did quite well. Fred kept them in line, on time and sounding fine. Way to go Fred. He's another one of my heroes!
Last week I saw Marvin Stamm and Bill Mays play with the Daddios band from DeAnza college as well as Homestead HS. Marvin and Bill have an uncanny ability to play as if they are twins separated at birth. Marvin is one of my all time favorite players, gliding thru every register with grace and ideas that would have made Clifford proud. Bill is the catalyst and has a way of slipping in something unexpected and turning it into a whole new world. What remarkable men. I'm just blown away at the beauty that flows from them. One fellow of note also is Ed Morrison. He is the lead trumpet player and probably one of the best that ever came out of the San Jose area. He's got the whole package. Total range throughout the horn, beautiful fat sound and makes the hardest lines sail effortlessly from his bell. Plus the guy plays great jazz!!!
This weekend I'll be playing with Niel in Rudy Salvini's big band. Rudy has kept his band together for 50 + years. More to come about Rudy, Allen Smith and my 8 years in the band.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Fun gigs I've done lately

Yesterday afternoon, I had the great pleasure of playing with four of the South Bay's finest jazz musicians. It was with the Aaron Lington Quintet and we had a blast playing at the Improv in downtown San Jose. If you've never been there, check it out either for the comedy which happens nightly or the Sunday afternoon jazz series hosted by the San Jose Jazz Society. Aaron is one of the heaviest bari players to land in town. His playing has the fire of Pepper Adams, his compositions are subtle and intelligent and is a great cat all around. John Shiflitt was on bass, Tim Solook on drums and Dahveed Behroozi on piano. Aaron also has a new CD out (yesterdays concert was his CD release party) called "Cape Breton" on NohJoh Music. It was nice to play with such great cats and the audience got it into it. There were many friends and folks that I've never met before in the audience and the band was received warmly. Next post will include news about Wayne Wallace and my upcoming concert at the Stanford Jazz Festival's tribute to Miles Davis 80th birthday celebration. Peace, John

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

we've moved!

Susan and I have moved to new place in Mountain View. We had the most incredible friends help us with our transition. Louis Fasman, Lori Stotko, Kerry McCoy and Altagracia, David Brimmer, Cheryl Hopkins, Johnny and Mary Baumont, Victor and Denise, Sue Vincent, Steve and Falline.
We couldn't have done it without them!!!! Look for a spectacular house warming party you guys coming at ya like a mac truck!!!
We now enjoy a much bigger place, far nicer than the place we lived in for years. We will miss most of the folks we became friends with in our old complex. Susan has her own art studio. I have high speed internet so I'm happy as a bee.
There is so much going on at the moment. I'm playing a tribute to Burt Bacarach this Saturday at the New Octavia Lounge in SF with a singer I haven't met yet named William Morin. But it sounds like the gig will be a gas and if you want more info, go to
Well, this pup is pretty burnt so I'm going to say goodnight and more to come soon.
ps. Look for a WorlView press release coming at you about a gig of all gigs WorlView will do in September......

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Feedback about the closing of BoAs/Club Elite

Hi Friends,
Here are a couple of emails Matt and I have received about the closing of BoAs/Club Elite. Feel free to join in the discussion if you like:

Mr. Kitagawa - I think you are the right person to contact, but I'm not sure. I am hoping that by writing the entertainment department at the Merc, I will be able to encourage more people to attend live performances. If suspect that people in your department are already sold on them, but it so easy to just pop in that DVD or CD that live performers have a tough road to hoe. Also, I'm convinced that by not attending live performances, people miss out on the very best of what human society has to offer. My own journey into live performance started reluctantly by being pressured into chaperoning for school field trips. Figuring I might as well try to enjoy myself, I just relaxed and found that I was blown away. Between Arts Express (City of San Jose) and Stanford's Lively Arts student matinees, I've attended Indian Dance, Taiko drumming, Chinese acrobats, Silicon Valley Symphony, a saxophone quartet, solo pianists, poets, musicals, choirs and Bobby MacPheron. It takes a while for our neurological system to register the difference between a live and a recorded performance, but once it does its like going from black and white to color. Who wants to go back? Not me. Over the years I've started to reach out on my own and see what's out there. I've attended everything from opera in San Francisco to free solo singers at the park to rock concerts to bistro jazz. Though there were a few exceptions, the more obscure and "home grown" the event, the better it was. The best full productions I have attended have been with West Bay Opera. However, the most exquisitely pleasurable sensory experience I have ever had was an evening spent listening to a jazz combo at BoAs in Cupertino. An experience like that leaves you positively euphoric. As I listened, I couldn't help but think, "Now this is why I put up with the maddening hordes. its experiences like this that justifies the existence of cities." It is also an experience I wish every one could have, and I think they can. The cost was dinner and a $5 cover. Listening to music on the radio while I drive doesn't do it for me any more. Music coming out of that stereo is just a cheap trick. Yes, I listen to the stereo. But I now know what real music is about and I will no longer settle for less. Yours Truly - Deborah G.

So, John, if Boa's was such a success, how come it closed????
Mike V.

Hi Mike,
BoAs and the Club Elite were separate entities. The club was doing very well but the restaurant was having problems. The club was often sold out on weekends and would help the restaurant by bringing in customers for them. Sounds strange but the end result was the restaurant was losing money while the bar flourished. The bar flourished because Matt would bring in quality entertainment on a consistent basis and when the word got out, people would flock to the club.
Considering that Club Elite was a destination spot rather than one supported by foot traffic such as Pearl's in SF, they did very well.
Too bad about BOAS. You had a good run there...hope you can find anothervenue. Your band must have gotten to a new level, being able to play togetherso much..... That's all for now,Jim N.

Hi Johnny W,Nice message - well put! BBLV

Friday, February 10, 2006

WorlView 4.0 gig news and BoAs is closing!

Hi Friends,
Here is a email I just sent out to everyone. Feel free to post a comment or two about your feelings regarding the closing of BoAs. I'll miss that place.

Hi Friends,

Along with this Gig Announcement, I wanted to let you in on some sad news for Jazz in the South Bay.

First, the GOOD news: My quartet, WorlView 4.0 will be playing on, Friday Feb 17th at the Agenda Lounge from 7:30-9:45 PM. We'll be playing downstairs in the restaurant. Listeners seated closer to the band will ensure themselves the chance to hear better (hopefully) because the socializers will be in the rear of the restaurant. So, plan on making a reservation - if you possibly can. We really would love to see you there! Here is the contact info:

Agenda Lounge
399 S. First Street
San Jose CA
Reservations 408-287-3991

The SAD News: I'll be playing at Boas/Club Elite for the last time this Sunday, February 12th from 6-9pm with Rory Snyder and the Jazz Composers Quintet. We will be playing a mixture of different styles ranging from straight ahead, modern jazz as well as a ballad or two. Please call ahead for reservations, because this is the last night they'll be open. I know we'll be having a large crowd.
***Please notice that the reservation number has changed. If you would like to bring your dinner with you, feel free to do so. If not, Joe will have plenty of popcorn and peanuts for everyone.

As some of you may already know, Boas Restaurant closed approximately a week ago. Even though the Club Elite stayed open, they will close this Sunday much to the disappointment to everyone. Club Elite has been a great success for music lovers thanks to all of you jazz fans, to Matt Beasley and to the wonderful musicians who considered it to be their jazz "home" in the South Bay. It was a classy place, with good drinks, plenty of free parking in a safe area, where anyone could feel comfortable stopping by either alone or with friends or family.

Club Elite's success proved that jazz is a viable part of our South Bay community. We have to keep that thought alive as we look for a new home! If any of you have thoughts or suggestions for future places like Club Elite or you wish to thank Matt for his major efforts in keeping jazz alive, send them to Matt Beasley at . Or else, reply back to me and I will forward it along to him and also post it to my blog if that's ok with you.

Please join us Sunday as we say goodbye to one of the South Bay's brightest spots for jazz that served the community so honorably. Last chance, folks....We will miss it - as I'm sure you will too....

Club Elite
20030 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA
(DeAnza Blvd exit off 280, between DeAnza and Wolfe Rd.)
Call Joe Darny at 408-489-3133 for reservations.

Yours in Jazz,

John Worley Jr.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Big Apple on Weds

So, like I was saying, the Big Apple bite a chunk outta me but in more ways than one. I walked more that week than I did in a year or so. The sun was out, it wasn't too cold and things were exciting.
After the hang Tuesday night, I stayed with Brian, Callie and her roommate at Callie’s pad out in Brooklyn. That night, I could hardly sleep. There was so much noise on the street outside. Trucks driving by all hours of the night people talking and just lots of city noise.
The next morning, we went to a diner for breakfast and it was just like the stereotype diner. There was a cook in the kitchen yelling to what seemed to be no one in particular “I gotta cheese omelets here….hey, pick up this corn beef hash and eggs…” ECT. I couldn’t help but laugh. It was so right on the money.
Afterwards, I took the subway back to midtown where I met Matt and went out to lunch with Fred Berry and Q. We went to a place across the street from Carnegie Hall called Trattoria (something or another). Great Italian food with a beautiful antipasti bar with lots of fresh seafood. Fred told us a great story about how Jon Faddis took Dizzy there once and Dizzy went nuts on the antipasto bar.
That night Matt and I went out to the Cornelia CafĂ© in the Village and saw a band called Askenov’s Accident (?). It was a pretty avant garde band and I totally dug it. Cong Vu was the trumpet player and I think Chris Speed was there too. Cong Vu played the most unconventional trumpet solos I’ve ever heard. It was almost like he was hissing thru the horn. When you over blow your aperture and pump lots of fast air thru the horn, you get this high pitched hissing sound which he used more as a percussive effect than a melodic one. His normal tpt sound was dark and almost brooding and his ideas were very melodic.
The only drag about the concert was there were these guys sitting at the table across from ours talking so loud that it was very distracting. Everybody kept turning around looking at them but they kept talking. The weird thing was they were there for IAJE!?.
Afterwards I met Brian and we went his pad to crash.
More to come later…….

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

WorlBoy goes to the Big Apple

Some of you have asked me about my recent trip to the Big Apple and the IAJE convention. I had a total blast out there. And I owe it all to my wife Susan. She gave me my “hall pass” so I could celebrate my birthday (which was in November) with some of my guy friends. Thank you Hon!!!!
Matt Beasley and I flew out there Tuesday the 10th on Jet Blue from the Oakland Airport. When we walked onto the plane, the first person I saw was my old buddy John Kalleen and his son Hank. It turns out that John was taking him out there to check out the music scene as well as a show and the convention. Sitting a couple of rows back was the infamous bassist, Peter Barshey and across from him was the director of the Monterey Jazz Festival, Tim Jackson. For all of you who haven’t met Tim, he’s a very down to earth kinda guy. One of the nicest cats on the planet IMHO.
Jet Blue is the way to fly out to NY on a budget. Roomy leather seats, plenty of leg room, on time and there is a TV on every seat back. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The flight took four or five hours and before we knew it, we were landing at JFK.
We got into NY by taking a town car to mid-town Manhattan. John, Hank and Matt were staying at the Sheraton and I was staying with a drummer friend, Brian Fishler for a couple a nights until my buddy Niel Levonius came two days later. Brian is a marvelous drummer from Novato. It makes me feel a little geezer-like when I think about the fact that I used to do gigs with his parents, Ken and Bobbie Fishler.
Matt, John, Hank and I went out to dinner across from the Sheraton at a place called Rosie O’Gradys and had a great dinner. Good steak, good wine and nice wait staff. I recommend this place highly. Afterwards we went to the Irridium on Times Square and saw the Mingus Big Band. What a great band. Blistering solos from everyone and the trumpet section kicked ass. Eddie Henderson, Kenny Rampton (lead) and Alex Sipiagen were on that night. Alex took one of the most incredible flugelhorn solos I’ve ever heard and Kenny….What can I say. Tone like Shorty Baker, beautiful ideas and a nice cat to boot. Plus nailing the lead book as good as anyone I’ve ever heard. I feel fortunate that I got to hear him again on another Mingus Big Band concert. (more on that later) Eddie Henderson is the elder statesman in the jazz trumpet world and holding down the title like Mohammed Ali. Still kickin’ ass and taking names.
One thing though….We soon found out that each set at most venues cost between $25-30 and they last only an hour. No encore plus a food/drink minimum. When we got our check (yikes!!!) we bitched miserably until the manager came over and told us that this is the way it is out there. So, we were in new territory and had to learn to accept a new set of rules. That was the first bite the Big Apple took outta me. Hah!!! Afterwards I met Brian, Callie and her roommate in the Village for a hang and the next thing I knew we were taking the subway out to Brooklyn to crash. So that was my first day (and night).
Next blog I’ll talk about what happened on Wednesday. See ya!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

WorlView Live at The Jazz School 1/29/06

WorlView has it's first gig of "06" coming up. John Worley and WorlView will be at the Jazz School in Berkeley,CA this Sunday, January 29th from 4:30-6:30pm. The Jazz School is one of the best places to hear and study jazz in every form. In fact we have some of their faculty members in the band, Dr. Wayne Wallace, Murray Low and Paul van Wageningen. It is a nice, intimate setting to hear live music. The acoustics are good and every seat has a good view of the band. Here's a list of the cat's in WorlView this Sun.
Wayne "The Doctor" Wallace - trombone,Kris Strom AKA "Tone Queen" - tenor sax and musical twin, Murray Low - piano, Tom Bockhold - bass, Paul van Wageningen - drums
Michaelle Goerlitz - percussion and John L.Worley Jr - trumpet, flugelhorn and post horn.
The Jazz School is located at:
2087 Addison St.
Berkeley, CA 94704
Admission is $15. Tickets can be purchased online, at the door and all ages are welcome. We would love to see you all there!
For more information about upcoming WorlView gigs, go to my website:
Check back in later to read about my experiences in the Big Apple and the IAJE conference.