Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Worl's review's and WorlView dates

Well, it's been awhile....Lot's of WorlView activity on the horizon. We're playing Sunday, August 12th at the San Jose Jazz Festival. We'll be going on at 6pm on the Smith Dobson Tribute stage.
Next we'll be playing at Filoli Mansion in their "Jazz at Filoli" series on August 26th and we'll be recording live that day. I'm particularly excited about this gig because of the recording and also, it might be the biggest audience we've played to since we started. At this point in time, it's almost sold out.
A couple of other notes, I'll be recording with Jim Norton in a couple of weeks. He's in the process of finishing his tentette and quartet recording. I can't to hear it when it's all said and done. Susan and I helped them celebrate their one year anniversary with their families. Congrats Kemi and Jimmy!
I'll be playing with the honorable Wayne Wallace Saturday, August 11th at the San Jose Jazz Festival. We'll be closing the Latin Stage that night and if you haven't seen that band live, here's your chance!
Anyhow, check in with my myspace page to see all of my upcoming dates with folks like Ed Johnson and Novo Tempo, Collective West Jazz Orchestra, Jamie Davis and others....
Here's something new...This is what I'm listening to at the moment in my 07 Prius...love the bluetooth and sound system!
1. Phil Grenadier - PLAYFUL INTENTIONS, fresh sound/New Talent
Fresh, free and totally refreshing playing on Phil's second solo outing. Phil is a major talent that will be heard by many when he goes on tour with John Scofield next month.
2.Bobby Shew - CANCAOS DO AMOR, Torii records
Bobby goes in a totally different direction as he delves into the soothing sounds of Brazil. To quote the man himself, "I think we did something pretty for the people". This CD has been in my car since he gave it to me in May and that's where it will stay folks! Nobody plays the flugel as beautiful as Bobby. Sensei, you did it again!
Paul Tynan is on sabbatical in the SF Bay Area and I've had the extreme pleasure of playing with him twice already. Paul is another major talent in my opinion. I first heard him on Aaron Lington's release CAPE BRETON and his playing knocked me out. Shades of Kenny Wheeler, Don Cherry, hints of Scott Wendholt, Lester Bowie all put together to form a unique and highly stimulating approach for us to listen to. Plus he has one of the best flugel sounds in the biz....
5. Jennifer Scott - LIVE AT THE CELLAR
I first met Jennifer and her husband Rene Worst in Ed Johnson's band. Not only is she an accomplished pianist but a remarkable jazz vocalist as well. Not many sing with the heart she does and her scatting is above and beyond most I've played with. Jennifer's band includes Rene, Bill Coon and Dave Robbins. Everyone's playing is superb and the arrangements are very imaginative....Keep an eye out for her folks, she's the real deal!
6. Miles Davis - LIVE-EVIL. Columbia Records
Some of my favorite playing by Miles and I can say some of my buddy Matt Beasley's as well. No one plays the wah wah pedal like Miles and his strength allows him to go more than 10 rounds with the heavy mother f****** on this date. Keith J., Steve Grossman, and John McLaughlin to name a few totally shred!!!!
Check out these recordings my friends. Till next time, be well and hope to see you at one of WorlViews gigs coming up....