Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Day in America

Today, I witnessed the rebirth of the American spirit. From the cries of "Yes We Can" to the rhythmic chanting "Obama, Obama...." I saw a country united, a spirit forged in the steely prose of our new leader, Barack Obama. When I watch him interact with others, I see someone whom I can relate to. When I listen to his speeches, he moves me like no other leader has. He is charismatic, strong in spirit and determination and is most definitely what America needs at the moment. A people's leader. He is one of us and understands the responsibilities of his office.
Will he solve all of America's woes....I can't say. I can only hope that with our help, our determination we lend thru our hands and hearts, we the American people will join together to restore our faith in our country thru his leadership.
We must not forget all that the Bush regime tore away from us. Rights, individual freedoms ripped from our breast by ignoring the will and desires of the people. Bush and Cheney taking our country into grave peril and economic ruin in the name of greed and patriotism?!? least that's what the Bush regime called it. And if you disagreeded with their ego driven madness, you were label "unpatriotic". When was the right to your own opinion unpatriotic? The American people suffered these fools for eight long years. Years in which we alienated just about the whole world except those who profited from all the back door deals.
It's a new day, a new dawn and the American people elected someone who has got it going on...Barack Hussein (yes I said it...Hussein) Obama.
It's time to put aside our differences people. I feel it's time to step forth and do what we can to encourage change and growth. And restore the luster of our country's honor after 8 long years of winter.
Just my humble opinion folks....I don't want to argue with anyone. I have the right to speak my mind again. And it feels good......................