Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Back from a brief vacation

It's been a month and a week or so since my last blog. I was pretty spent after the gig at the Sunnyvale Performing Arts Theater. What a great gig that was!!! Thank you to all that came down to hang with us!!! And thanks to the band. They were kickin' ass to the nth degree. Tegan, the director at Sunnyvale welcomed us like family and the sound/stage crew went out of their way to give us the best experience possible.
I've been getting into playing ballads as of late and we played "Too Young To Go Steady". Sebastien 's tunes were fun and it was a first, playing them with the cats. I want to mention that drum/percussion duos...They were cookin and brought down house more than a few times on that thing that they do so well babe.
Well, Sebastien went back to Spain. He's trying to line up a tour for us over there for next spring with cats and cross your fingers for us!
For more info on future WorlView gigs go to my calender page on my website.
One bit of bad news tho....
Our lovely kitty Oley passed away on March 28th. She was suffering from liver cancer and passed peacefully in Susans lap. She was 16 years old and just the most special cat in the world. Funny how a little little furrball can get so entrenched into your heart. She was my first real pet. She was with Susan when I came into the picture and bring much joy into our world. I didn't realize how much my heart would break when she left us. Our vet, the Western Dragon came to our apartment that Monday evening, an hour after I got home from teaching and helped ease Oley's suffering. We had her cremated and have her remains with us. She will always be special in our hearts and we miss her so. I want to say thanks to WD for her help in taking care of Oley. She was wonderful and I couldn't imagine sharing Oley's passing with any other vet. You will forever be in our hearts for your kindness.
One week after, Susan and I flew out to WI to celebrate Zeke (her Dad) and her birthday. Zeke turned 80 this year!!!The weather was pleasant and warm and nothing like I imagined. We shopped and partied till we dropped. We celebrated with family and friends and a good time was had by all. We are looking forward to returning in August for a couple of weeks.
Till the next blog....go visit my friend Stuart Nafey's blog. He's directly responsible for making me a potential blogging fool. And here's a funny game that came to me via my friend and fellow musician, Phil Allen "Kill The Horns".