Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mother's Day concert with WorlView 5.0, Ed Johnson and Novo Tempo and Wendy Waller May 13 at the Little Fox

Hi Friends,
WorlView 5.0 has a very special gig coming up this month at a beautiful local venue.
On Sunday, May 13th at 7pm, WorlView 5.0 will be sharing the bill with Wendy Waller and Her Fine Band as well as Ed Johnson and Novo Tempo at the Little Fox Theater in Redwood City. The concert is called "MUSIC WITHOUT BORDERS" and we'll be presented a myriad of styles from across the Americas. You can experience three very musical bands on the same bill for one ticket price. Show your appreciation for the special "Mom" in your life by treating her to this concert. An additional treat: playing with us will be my good friends guitarist Sebastien Lanson and drummer Curt Moore, the leader of Soul Sauce.

Here is the press release being sent out to the media and other music fans by BeasWa Productions:

Three brilliant musicians, Ed Johnson, John Worley and Wendy Waller, with music rooted in jazz, will take you on a journey across US borders and throughout the Americas. Guitarist/vocalist Ed Johnson and his Brazilian jazz octet Novo Tempo play Ed's songs and compositions, striking not just in their originality, but also in their loyal tribute to the best of Brazilian music. Trumpet and flugelhorn master John Worley and WorlView will take you on a soaring Pan-American, Pancaribe musical journey to Brazil, Cuba and back to the US Vocalist Wendy Waller and her Fine Band will take you through New York, New Orleans and to her California home for a soulful tribute to her favorite jazz and blues singers.
JOHN L. WORLEY JR. trumpet/flugelhorn artist and leader of WorlView has been a member in many of the Bay Areas creative music ensembles for last 20+ years. Being adept at a multitude of styles, John has played with many national and international artists in Canada, Europe, Central and North America. http://www.johnworley.com/
Soul music runs in Wendy Waller's family. Critics often site Waller's ability to use her voice like an instrument. "Jazz was constantly in my ear," says Waller. "My dad played lots of jazz around the house... Making up melodies and scatting just came naturally. I improvised long before I studied improvisation." http://www.wendywaller.com/
Ed Johnson and Novo Tempo are a vibrant Bay Area original contemporary jazz ensemble with a Latin feel and a refreshing emphasis on harmony vocals and horn arrangements. Ed Johnson & Novo Tempo's music is evocative of Brazilian pop, but unlike anything you’ve heard before. http://www.edbjohnson.com/

We hope to see you there!
Best Wishes,

John L. Worley Jr

Little Fox
2215 Broadway Redwood City, California 94063
Fox Theater Tel (650) FOX-4119 Fax (650) FOX-4129
Email: info@foxdream.com
Tickets $16 Advance/$18 at the door
Please contact the Box Office at (650) 369-4119 for tickets or show information. Tickets can also be reserved via email at foxticketinfo@yahoo.com Please send phone contact along with the Name, Date and # of tickets for the event(s) and we will call you for payment information. Little Fox is a 21 years old and above venue.

WorlView in the Pac NW tour...What a Blast!!! part 1

Ok, I have a moment to breathe and I really want to share some of my experiences with you while up in the Pacific NW. Good times were had by all of us and so many folks helped contribute it it. This blog will take up some space so it will come to you in a parts. I'll start at the beginning. I flew up to Seattle on Wednesday and took a shuttle to meet Farren. We drove back to Port Townsend and took care of some last minute details revolving around the gigs and my clinic with the Port Townsend HS Big Band. One important item of business was dinner at Lonza's. Man, what a great restaurant!!! 5 stars in my book. The salmon was fresh and delightful and the wine was beautiful. The next day, I gave a clinic with their big band at 7am. It's a daunting time of day to be spot on but true to form, I had them laughing 6 minutes into it and we cruised thru the next 3 hours rehearsing, sitting in and giving a brass clinic to their brass players as well as others from local schools. Kim Clarke really has those kids playing and I got to hear a really fine guitarist ( I can't remember his name but will find it and and let you know) and a pretty soulful trumpeter named Kevin "K-Dogg" Rubio. That dude played a pretty nice solo and was a nice cat too. Look for those two cats to serenade your ears sometime in the near future. I got to meet Shelly Devlin, a trumpeter from the Seattle area. She works for Ted Brown Music CO. one of the sponsors of my clinic along with Conn-Selmer INC. It turns out she studies with Allen Vizzutti, one of my all time favorite players at the University of Washington. I use a lot of his material in my teaching so you can imagine how much I grilled her on what it's like to study with the maestro himself. Allen Vizzutti, that cat is one of the most technically astute players in the world. I used to see him play in LA back in the early 80's. The next day, Farren and I drove back to Seattle to pick up the band and drove back to Port Townsend to play at the Upstage Restaurant that night. We stopped at Metropolitan Music and picked up the drums and bass amp and had a nice visit with the owner, Paul McVicar. He was very good to us and I know that when we come back up in November, we'll hook up again. So we packed up Farren's little Honda wagon and the Dodge van I rented with the equipment and the guys and we were off on our trip. I'm taking a breath for a moment and will continue in the next part.......