Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Folks,
I'm back on the block so to speak! Lots of fun gigs have gone down and at the moment, I'm spending the week in Bay Studio with Wayne Wallace and the Rhythm and Rhyme cats. You got Louis Fasman on tpt, Melecio Magdaluyo and Ron Stallings on woodwinds, John Santos and Michael Spiro on percussion, Paul VW on drums, Dave Belove on bass, Murray Low and Frank Martin on keys, David Yamasaki all the way from Honolulu my brother on guitar, Alexa on vocals and last but not least, Gary Mankin on the flight deck, manning the controls. By the way, Gary is one bad mo'fo on the board for those of you who haven't worked with him.
We're laying down two CD's worth of material and man, Wayne has out done himself again! That's why he's called the "Doctor" by so many who love him!
San Jose Jazz Society's "Jazz Goes To College" camp started up. Mic Gillette from TOP works with the kiddies this week and I get to have at them next week. Mic is one bad ass tpt player and honks a mean bone too. Kristen Strom and Dave Gregoric are on board doing what they do best.....Taking care of business and sharing their collective wisdom with the young folks. You go Dave and Kris.
Hey, I got company and have to run so take care, check out my blog again soon and I'll talk to ya soon.
PS. Kat Parra's new CD came out and it's getting 10*'s from me. And not because I'm on a couple of tracks. She's put together one fine piece of art with the producing skills of none other than......the Doctor himself. Check it out. You will love, I guarantee it! Google the young lady and pick up her CD. I'll have more info re: how to pick it up in my next blog.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

We're back!

Susan and I are back from our little retreat/vacation. We spent some time down in Soquel at a place called "Land of Medicine Budda". It's buddist retreat in the middle of the redwoods and was it very peaceful and serene. It gave Susan and I time to reflect on our relationship, careers, health and other things. It's amazing how a little time at a place like that can refresh you and put things back into perspective. We also spent some time with our friends John and Mariette in Novato. We had a fabulous dinner along with champagne and wine. John and I played our horns while the girls chatted about art. A good time was had by all. The next day we stopped by Mariette's studio in Petaluma to look at her newest creations. Man, is her work beautiful. As soon as I find her website, I'll put it up here for you all to look at. We then drove to Freestone and visited three of our favorite places up there, Osmosis, the organic bakery and Endearing Comforts(which was closed, we'll catch up with you another time Thea). Susan had a massage from Tor and I had a enzyme bath and blanket wrap. Man were we pampered! Afterwards we hung out in the Japanese Garden in the back and Susan layed down in the Chamomille bed. They have three beds of live Chamomille that you can lay on and the aroma is relaxing and comforting. After we left, we stopped by our favorite restuarant in Sebastopol called Pasta Bella and had dinner. It was a very good week my friends. oh my...gotta go. WorlView is playing a gig at the "A Taste of Albany" festival today and I gotta get back to work. We'll be at Montero's from 2:45-4:45pm. Joining us for the first time will be Wally Schnalle on drums and Kelly Fasman on percussion. Should be a blast! And don't forget to take some time for yourself every day and just breath. You're worth it. Hope to see you all soon. Bye for now.