Friday, August 25, 2006

Maynard Ferguson passed away the night before last at the age of 78.

Maynard Ferguson passed away at 8pm, August 23. He was 78 years old. He was a tremendous influence to me. I remember in my freshman year in high school,my buddy Johnny Serrano playing for me Maynard's solo on "Concerto To End All Concertos" on the album, "Kenton in Hi Fi" That solo wigged me out completely. The range, power, brashness of Maynard's playing changed the direction of my life completely. I knew at that moment, I wanted to be a professional trumpet player and have been on that journey ever since.My first jazz trumpet teacher, Johnny Coppola used to play on Kenton's band with Maynard and roomed with him. Johnny used to tell me funny stories about their hangs and playing together on the bandstand. I called him this morning when my former student and good friend Niel Levonius gave me the sad news. It shook Johnny up to hear it as you can imagine. Johnny is the last surviving member of the Charlie Barnet band that he played on and probably the same goes for the Kenton and the Herman band too. He always had great things to say about Maynard. He even had one of Maynard's large bore Martin Committee that Maynard gave him years ago. My first jazz record was "MF Horn". I bought it at Columbia Music on Market St in SF. Man, I wore that bad boy out! Maynard's band was the 2nd big band I ever saw (the first was Stan Kenton's band at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, CA with Mike Vax playing lead). I saw Maynard and the guys at De Anza College. I remember they were wearing their striped t-shirts and black pants. I believe Bob Summers was in the band as well as Lin Biviano (?) Maynard sounded awesome and it really sent me thru the roof. I went on to see Maynard many many more times after that and try to emulate his playing, tho quite unsuccessfully I might add.I even had an opportunity to play with him at the Fairmont Hotel in SF sometime between "85" and "90". I was the first call sub in the Dick Bright Orchestra and we played him and the band on, and at the end of the show, played his greatest hits medley. That was so cool, finally getting a chance to play with the man who forever changed the direction of my life. I also want to mention that one of my best buds, Louis Fasman played on the band for about a year. That was around "85" Louis played his ass off. They were playing "Hey Jude" and during the last free section, Louis played Maynard's intro to MF. He sounded great and in my mind, was one of the best but under rated and overlooked lead players to play with Maynard. Ask Wayne B about him sometime. Louis and I played a gig with the Larry Vucovitch Big Band at Copia's tonight and we toasted the Boss with a tasty bottle of T-Vines 2002 Syrah. I'll never forget Maynard. He played the trumpet as if he were the greatest opera singer that ever lived. He could bebop with the best and no one ever has played the horn with the same passion and flair that he did. He did it his way and either you loved or hated it although it was hard to imaging people not digging Maynard. Rest in peace Maynard. And thanks again for being the influence in my life that you were and still are.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Worlboy at the SJ Jazz Festival and the Agenda Restaurant and Lounge

Tomorrow is the San Jose Jazz Festival. It’s sponsored by Comcast and a slew of others dedicated to bringing us the best in Jazz in all genres.
Tomorrow is a heavy day for me. I’m playing with 5 bands at the festival and my WorlView 4.0 tomorrow night at the Agenda Lounge.
Here’s my schedule: - Saturday -
12:30pm – Fasmania Big Band – Gordon Biersch Brewery
4:00pm – Aaron Lington Quintet – Smith Dobson Stage
7:30pm – WorlView 4.0 – Agenda Restaurant and Lounge
- Sunday-
12 noon – San Jose Jazz Orchestra – Main Stage w/ Mike Vax
3:00pm – Ed Johnson and Novo Tempo – Latin Stage
6:00pm – Foothill College Night Band - Full Spectrum Big Band Stage
For those of you who are planning on coming to the Agenda tomorrow evening, here is our set list and personnel. I like to give you all the inside view into what’s happening behind the scenes. I’m looking forward to this busy but fun weekend. I’ll get back to you all tomorrow after I get home. I’ll be a tired pup but….that’s show biz right?!?

WorlView 4.0
Agenda set list 8/19/06
Set 1
1. Kwockasaurus Rex
2. Visita Social
3. Infra-Rae
4. You’ve Changed
5. Episode From A Village Dance
6. The Double Up
7. TBA
8. Open Sesame
Set 2
1. Moon Alley
2. WorlView
3. Why Wait
4. Out Of The Night Came You
5. Too Young To Go Steady
6. Sippin’ At Pike’s Market
7. Alter Ego
8. Rahsaan’s Run

WorlView 4.0 is - Murray Low, Tom Bockhold, Curt Moore and WorlBoy aka Worl.
Sippin'At Pike's Market is a new tune I wrote. It's based on the tune "There Will Never Be Another You". I wrote it to remember the wonderful company and ice wine we all shared my last day in Seattle. I dedicate it to Kathy, Kemi, Jim and Barbara. You all were so much fun. Thanks!!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

WorlView's MJF press release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAugust 7, 2006Media Contact: Matt Beasley650-400-4920mattbeas@aol.comhttp://www.johnworley.comJOHN WORLEY & WORLVIEW TO BRING GLOBAL CELEBRATION TO THE 49TH ANNUAL MONTEREY JAZZ FESTIVALAFTER 13 SIDEMAN APPEARANCES, BAY AREA MUSIC VETERAN PRESENTS MJF HEADLINING DEBUTEvent Highlights:John Worley & WorlView49th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival Presented by VerizonSaturday, September 16, Garden Stage, 9:45pmTicket Information: 925-275-9255, www.montereyjazzfestival.orgAugust 7, 2006; It was roughly five years ago when John Worley met saxophone titan Michael Brecker backstage at the Monterey Jazz Festival. The lanky jazz superstar approached Worley and asked, "Don't I know you?" After recovering from the shock, Worley responded, "No, you don't know me, but I sure know you."Such a story is commonplace for trumpet and flugelhorn virtuoso John Worley, who has enjoyed a lengthy career as one of the great hidden gems in the San Francisco Bay Area jazz community. But in a situation uncommon for mid-career musicians, Worley's star is quickly on the rise as he presents his MJF headlining debut at the 49th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival Presented by Verizon September 15-17.Worley, whose impressive trumpet skills combine sophisticated intervallic jumps with dazzling range, tone and lyricism, plans to dazzle the crowd for his headlining MJF debut. On Saturday, September 16, John Worley & WorlView - his eclectic, all-encompassing band - will perform a fiery set on the Garden Stage at 9:45pm for a spirited session of Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and jazz intertwined with other global musical styles. Festival patrons are bound to dance the night away on the grass lawn listening to John Worley & WorlView as the second day of music comes to a close.For this special performance, Worley has assembled an all-star cast including guitarist Sebastien Lanson, trombonist Wayne Wallace, saxophonist Kristen Strom, pianist Murray Low, bassist Tom Bockhold, drummer Paul van Wageningen, and percussionist Michaelle Goerlitz. All in all, John Worley & WorlView will round out the festival's jazz talent, providing a global perspective and party atmosphere to a trumpet-laden roster including smooth jazz star Chris Botti, jazz-funk master Roy Hargrove and avant-garde Sex Mob front-man Steven Bernstein.Although this is Worley's first headlining experience in Monterey, the trumpeter is no stranger to the Festival. This year's performance will mark roughly his fourteenth performance at the Monterey Jazz Festival since the late 1980's. Over the years, he has performed at MJF in a Tribute to Bobby Hutcherson and at different times with Don Byron, Wayne Wallace, Wally Schnalle, Rebeca Mauleon, Full Faith & Credit Big Band, Anthony Brown and the Asian American Orchestra, The Wayne Shorter Commission Orchestra, and several other bands. Worley was featured twice at the 2005 Monterey Jazz Festival: once in a scorching performance with the Carla Bley Big Band on the Arena/Lyons Stage, and a second time in a rollicking session with the Jon Jang Seven on the Garden Stage.With much critical praise following last year's festival, it's easy to understand John Worley's ascent in the jazz world. After his Monterey Jazz Festival performance this September, Worley will continue surging forward with several performances in the Bay Area. On October 1, John Worley & WorlView will present two new pieces commissioned by Intersection for the Arts at the DeYoung Museum's Chicano Exhibit. In addition, Worley will be featured as a special guest artist on November 4 with the West Valley College Jazz Band in Saratoga sponsored in part by Conn/Selmer, and in February 2006 with the Stanford Jazz Orchestra. Plans for the future also include a performance tour in Europe with Sebastien Lanson,For now, John Worley remains focused on his headlining debut at this year's Monterey Jazz Festival. After years of performing as a sideman, Worley's performance leading his own band will be a milestone in his career to date. And although Festival-goers will enjoy the sounds of John Worley and WorlView, it'll be hard to find anyone having as much fun at this year's Monterey Jazz Festival than John Worley.

WorlView 4.0 live at The Agenda Restaurant and Lounge

Hi Friends,
I wanted to let you know about a few things I've got coming up. First of all, WorlView 4.0 will be appearing at the Agenda Restaurant and Lounge, this Saturday 8/19 from 7:30 -9:45pm. If you're planning on coming down to the San Jose Jazz Festival that afternoon, stop by, have a taste and/or dinner and check us out. Joining me will be Curt Moore on drums, Murray Low on piano and Tom Bockhold on bass. Also, a lot of the cats appearing at the festival know that the Agenda Lounge is the place to go afterwards to have a tasty cocktail and nosh on some delicious food so I know we will have a special guest or three stopping by and sitting in! So fall by and let the festival continue onward with WorlView and you.
Some of you may know that WorlView is performing at the 49th annual Monterey Jazz Festival on Saturday, September 16th at 9:45pm on the Garden Stage. Joining us will be jazz guitar virtuoso Sebastien Lanson from Paris as well as Wayne Wallace, Kristen Strom, Murray Low, Paul VW, TomBockhold and Michaelle Goerlitz. So we will be known as WorlView 8.0 for that gig. We'll be playing selections from our CD "WorlView: as well as Sebastien's CD "In Transition" on Dancing Sumo Records. We'll also be premiering one of my favorite composer/singer/guitarist Ed Johnson's tune, "Silent Heart" that I'm arranging for WorlView.
I've attached a press release to this email regarding the festival. This is the same one going out to all the radio stations, magazines, festival promoters ect and now you'll have an insiders view into the inner workings of jazz promotion. Check it out!
I hope to see you all this coming Saturday, August 19 at 7:30pm at the Agenda Lounge in downtown San Jose. Please make your reservation early for a good seat, have a bite (no cover if you order dinner)! And don't forget to come up and say hello to the cats!
Thanks for your time!
John Worley AKA "Worlboy"
The Agenda Restaurant and LoungeJohn Worley and WorlView 4.0Saturday, August 19thno cover charge with dinner7:30pm to 9:45pm399 South First St.San Jose, Ca. - (408) 287-3991

Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's early Sunday morning....

Yo Folks, its 1 am and I just got home from a gig led by bari sax maniac Aaron Lington. Man can that guy play. And the rest of the band wasn't too shabby either. Claire Dee was singing, Deson Claiborne played drums, John Shiflitt played bass, Daveed Behroozi played piano and our good friend Ben helped out with the PA duties. It was a 70th birthday party for a cat named John and they had a Marilyn Monroe impersonator teasing the hell outta the guy....A very good time was had by all including us. There is something about getting on the bandstand with cats that are the real deal. It's like having your cake and eating it too. Earlier today I taught a couple of lessons, stopped by our friend Jennifer's house to wish her a happy 29th birthday and give her a bottle of Champagne. I also picked up my PA and hauled it to the gig so I didn't get a chance to drive that hot Mercedes, damn it. But when I get home tomorrow I plan to scope it out. I have to visit my good friend John Kalleen tomorrow. WorlView is playing a house concert at his pad in Novato on 9/2. We are going to plan the layout and talk about catering and wine....It's going to be quite an event so if you want to come, you better email me and reserve a ticket or two. We're inviting a limited amount of folks and the sets (2) will outdoors near his pool. He has 7 acres in Novato and his nearest neighbors are the cows across the street!!! And coming up in a day, its Kemi and Jim's California wedding party. It should be fun and good to see Kemi and her mom, Marion as well as all the other folks. One thing though...I'm a bit thirsty for ice wine...Can anyone (Kathy, Kemi or Barbara) out there let me know what was that delicious apple flavored ice wine we all shared at Pikes Market? I'd like to have a sip of it again. If you remember the name, email me at and let me know.'s late and I gotta get up early. One last thought...Dennis and I at the reception having camera flash wars was fun!!! That cat is crazy!!! He won for sure. Hey, if you read this, be sure to call me when you get down here so we can get together. Yoko, you should have your own sitcom. You are one of the funniest people I've ever met. Jim gave me a copy of the slide show John put together. It's nice to see everyone in it. I hope to see you all again someday. Goodnight all.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Jim and Kemi's ceremony

What a great ceremony. Rev Castro made the job so easy and things went as smooth as it could be. I felt very comfortable and what an honor for me to be included in the ceremony. Kathy looked radiant and I loved her “pebbles” hairdo. She said it was a first for her and she wore it well. Kemi was a dream come true and me….well…I did what I could. We all hid behind a huge metal sculpture at the beginning of the ceremony. Rev Castro hit the sculpture 3 or 5 times which sounded like peals of thunder and Kathy and I played a drum roll on the sculpture afterwards and then the procession started. Even while typing this, I’m in awe of the perfection of the moment. For some reason, I felt as if my world was changing too. I never saw Jim so happy. It made my heart feel good to see my good friend Jim take that step. I know the feeling. Funny thing though, life is not always picture perfect. As the years go by, people and things change but if you savor every moment, you can always go back in time and remember why you took the step to live your lives together as one. It’s 'cause of Love Baby, Love!!!
Afterwards, we drove around in a bus, stopped at the baseball stadium (Mariners) and took some pictures (thanks for the Mariner's cap!) and then we were off to Kasper’s. Holy Moly, that man can cook yes siree! He hosts some foody cruises and that’s where I believe Kemi and Kathy met Kasper and his wife. They sail on these cruise ships, go on shore excursions shopping for the next meal or three in the local market places. I think he even shows them how to prepare them. The next one is in either Fiji or Tahiti or as someone put it, Fajiti. Sounds pretty damn cool….sign me up!!!
I’m going to blog later about the reception because at the moment I’m a little burnt. I just finished teaching at the Stanford Jazz Workshop for the week and I’m pooped. Plus I’m going thru some male menopause life changes at the moment. Here’s how weirded out I am. I’m going to test drive tomorrow a “98” Mercedes SLK 230 w/58,000 miles. Man what a beautiful ride!!! Plus I’m a little hung up on some other things as well as thinking about my house concert on 9/2 at Chateau Kalleen in Novato, our 9/16 gig at the Monterey Jazz Festival gig coming up and my writing commission from the Intersection For The Arts for WorlView’s gig at the DeYoung Museum on 10/1. Lot’s of exciting things coming up and I know I’ll see some of you at one or more very soon.
Love to you all and stay in touch. If you like the blog, leave a comment or two or email me at: