Tuesday, February 22, 2005

WorlView Live at Boas and more....

Man, what a great gig! Everyone sounded great and the band never sounded better. We had a very large and appreciative crowd. A good time was had by all. To all of you who purchased CD's, thank you very much and so far, Susan and I have raised almost $350 to be donated to Heifer International and UNICEF.
There were so many of our friends there, drummer Tim Solook, Peggy Johnson and hubster, Brenda Keener ( who was the executive producer of "WorlView") and her upcoming singer/daughter Layla, Dave and Shirley Deneau, Garrett and wifey and many more....
We are looking forward to our next gig at the Sunnyvale Community Theater on March 18th. My buddy Sebastien Lanson will be featured as well as other members of the group...more to come regarding that gig.
After that concert, I'll be off top LA to do the guest artist thing with the award winning high school, Aragon High School from San Mateo, CA.
Band director/trumpet player Mike Galisetus has assembled of of the best HS big bands I've heard in a long time. More to come about that gig..
Once again, thank you all for supporting WorlView and making it out to our gig. Talk to you soon.

Friday, February 18, 2005

WorlView live at BOAS in Cupertino

Well showtime is 2 days away and I've got all the charts together. We're going to rehearse that day for a couple of hours and then do the hit. We have a couple of new tunes to go over plus this is Micheal Spiro's first gig with us.
I'll be going into the studio with Tom Bockhold, Curt Moore and my good friend, guitarist Sebastien Lanson in March. Sebastien has been living in Sevilla Spain for almost a year and will be coming out to play a few concerts with myself and the Collective West Jazz Orchestra led by Fil Lorenz. This is one hell of a band!!! Check in with my calender on my web site-johnworley.com for more details.
Thanks all for now so I hope to see you all out there and till then....asta!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Worleys Worl is up & running

Well...this is the first posting of the WorlView blog page. Come back soon to see new gig updates and my thoughts about running a band, teaching private trumpet students and surviving in Silicon Valley as a musician/educator/recording artist ect....
My band WorlView is playing this coming sat, Feb 19 at BOAS/Club Elite in Cupertino CA. We're playing selections from my CD WorlView as well as tunes to be recorded and released on my next two CD's.
Here is a list of the cats in the band:
Wayne Wallace-trombone
Kris Strom-sax
Murry Low- piano
Tom Bockhold-bass
Curt Moore-drums
Micheal Spiro-percussion
Go to my web site...johnworley.com and check out the calender page for more info regarding this and future gigs. I'll have pics and a review of this gig shortly.